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This site is part of CML - Cinematography Mailing List, it specialises in digital cinema camera and lens evaluations.

We try to test in a predictable and repeatable way.

This is not a collection of pretty pictures.

It's a boring hardcore camera information and analysis site

Digital Cinematography Camera Evaluations 2018

Ursa Mini Pro Video, Film & BRAW comparison

Fuji XT3 samples

Cooke Lens Comparisons, FF, Anamorphic, Mini S4's & Classics Brussels November 2018

Adam Wilt on Image Compression with longer lenses

Kodak 5219 & 5213 scans

Skintone tests LED V Tungsten RAW files

Anamorphic, Spherical, S35 & FF comparisons

Digital Cinematography EXR's from:-

Ursa MP, C200, C300-2, C700, Alexa SXT, Dragon, Helium, Scarlet,
F5, F55, F65,Venice 4K, Venice 6K, Varicam LT, Varicam Pure

Digital Cinematography Camera Evaluations 2017

Motion Picture Cinematography Lens Flare Tests

Digital Cinematography Camera Evaluations 2015

All CML Tests from 2000 to 2014








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