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Ursa Min Pro G1 v G2

These are very much initial results and first impressions a more detailed assessment will follow after I've had a holiday!

The cameras had identical settings and have been black shaded for this test. Unfortunately I used the same AC as I did on the last lens tests and once again he screwed up focus, this time the G2 is slightly soft. This is probably because he was amazed by the fact that auto-focus seemed to work, it never really has on the G1.

I'll be testing this later in more detail.

The video was produced in Resolve in ACEScct and is in P3 colour space. Everything was on preset, the only adjustments that I made were Temperature and Tint on the "correct" exposures which I then applied to all shots from the relevant camera. I then matched the "correct" exposures to 122 in 8 bit and then matched all other shots to this without any further colour changes.

To get to 122 the G1 required an offset of +2.5 and the G2 required an offset of -5.5

This seems to indicate that the G2 is about a stop faster all other things being equal, I will check on this further.

The saturation of red, yellow and green is much improved in the G2.


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